Today a nice stranger saw my “midwive do it in all positions” and asked if I was a midwifery student. Turns out his wife is a 4th year student…turned into a nice little conversation about why midwifery, about how they had a baby in her second year and did her placement 6 months pregnant. He told me it was a “lively profession” and just seemed all around positive. It was a really great way to start a looooong study day and reminded me how happy I am to be studying midwifery.

Later, in the library there was this really jolly looking man that looked a little bit like Alan (“the murse guy from the movie the Hangover). I have no idea what he was studying, but he was really happy. Just looking at his computer, typing away. Who knows if he was even studying, he was probably watching episodes of the Office, for all I know, but his happy face was really nice.

It was so warm today and windy and I spent all of it in the library, not withstanding my trek on the bus. It’s a bit dreary out, so it was kind of nice being inside.

Today I forgot my keys and had to message Deb to see if she was home to open the front door for me. One of the many, many perks of co-ops and neighbour friends.

Jussie lent me her ipod and I am so so happy to be listening to This American Life podcasts again. Do you listen to them? SO good. I love a good story.

I rode my “good” blue bike yesterday and it was awesome. Bikes are the best.



2 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Bikes are the best! Especially riding through the park on a spring day with fragrant blossoms, sunshine and smiling people all about.
    Glad you are smiling Cait 🙂

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