The place between my one.mother.exam and leaving for tree planting out west for 3 months is a funny place. I have a lot of time by myself to study make lists to get ready. I’ve been thinking about this big trip and what it’s going to mean for me- for us, Matt and I.

I think thoughout this winter/spring we’ve been kind of growing into a season of “yes.” And it’s been totally freeing…and I am pretty sure that’s that this summer is going to be for me too. A season of saying “yes.”

yes to new school.

yes to new church.

yes to new friends.

yes to fasting and to searching and learning.

yes to giving more and having less.

yes to be humbled again and again.

yes, it’s crazy to be going tree planting.

yes, to winning bread.

yes, it’s incredibly hard work.

yes, Matt and I will both be students together.

yes, we’re not going to have a lot of money.

yes, to adventure.

yes, to my dear friends and family supporting every step of the way.

yes, to recognizing that Beauty is everywhere.

yes, to new stories and being scared and trying really hard and being all-bad-ass-outdoors-all-the-freakin’-time.

yes to trusting Joy Himself and knowing that thankfulness always proceeds goodness.

and anticipation, and countdowns, and living in the very here and now, despite how hard it is (including being in the “studying” moments)

I read recently, that we profane our moments when we refuse to be present…and this season, this time of saying “yes” to life, means saying “yes” to being in the moment and right now, from this vantage, I think that is going to be one of the hardest and best things that I can do with my time right now, this summer and forever in it, really in it.

Yes, I want that.

So, here’s the the moment, to saying yes, to taking a risk and resting in the choice.




One thought on “Yes

  1. you have made a very wise and careful decision and I am very proud of you for that….I am already missing our weekly lunches/market/shopping expeditions but….it is only a mere weeks until you will be back…(only12) and you had better Skype your mom more than your delinquent brother does…

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