Good Friday

Last year I shared this video on Good Friday but today I want to share  Eddie Vedder (and his ukulele!- that’s for Kim!) I’ve seen Pearl Jam in concert, which is weird, but Eddie was a sight to be seen. I think he may have been drunk or high (or both) and his guitar was an extension of himself. It was a spectacle alright- but this song is just beautiful.

This song is called “Longing to Belong” and for me, it speaks beautiful truth into the meaning of Good Friday for me- and really for life in general.  I think that God is love. Big, beautiful, sunrise, birth, death, melody, joyful love. For me, the story of God’s love is best shown in the life of Jesus who hung out with all of the wrong people, refused to rule by the sword and washed his pals dirty, tired feast. The Jesus who preached peace and love is the Jesus that I love so much today. And yes, I believe he did save me by dying on a cross, but maybe alongside the weird, mystical way of replacing my brokenness with His, the cross also shows me what sacrificial love looks like. By demonstrating that love really does win. By choosing not to fight violence and hate with hate…because like the Martin Luther King Jr. says, “hate can’t drive out hate, only love can do that.” Yes. These are the reasons why the cross means so much. The cross signifies the upside-down kingdom of God…radical generosity, unity, love and most of all justice…for all of the Good things that God created.

It’s earth day today and we’re killing the earth. Millions of people don’t have water to drink and children around the globe still die of diarrhea. We want to build more prisons so more people can spent their lives behind bars. There are sex slaves and HIV and lonely people and domestic violence. There are wars and structural violence and there is oppression everywhere I turn.  Love, and only love can change all that. That is what Good Friday is about. Good Friday is love torn, beaten, and killed.


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