Another World is Possible

It’s Easter morning- the cornerstone event for followers of Jesus has happened…the resurrection. I won’t even begin to explain the significance or the meaning of the resurrection because I know my words won’t do any justice, but suffice it to say that today is a day for celebrating. If there is one day a year marked by Hope and Restoration for Christians, I would say that it is today.

We’ve been talking at church a lot about the Third Way of Jesus (here is an article to explains what that means and a great sermon from my church , if you’re interested). Essentially, the Third Way is about new life, justice, creativity and finding a way out of the dichotomy we’ve found ourselves in when it comes to conflict and violence. It’s been really refreshing to start thinking of other options…to use our imaginations to consider how can we love better? Give fuller?

I saw this video today on facebook and it was such a reminder to me that there IS another way. People are doing incredible, life-giving, risky, generous, EXCITING things in order to love people, the Creator and the earth. It’s beautiful and it’s inspiring.

Happy Easter–may you see hope today and  long to become a part of that beautiful force that’s restoring all life.


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