Here’s the thing

Tomorrow we leave for the west- three months, tree planting.

Did I mention that Matt is coming too? A spot opened up on our crew and because Matt is going to school in the fall, he decided to leave his job early and come along for the adventure. So, three months away starts tomorrow.

There is so much I want to write about the adventures we’ve ALREADY had with the tent trailer that was so generously gifted to us by my friend’s parents. It was a big ordeal figuring out license plates and such and they were so helpful. Other friends came over and sewed patches on the trailer in the dark with headlamps using dental floss for the string. More friends helped us pack today and pumped tires and made sure that we could get in and out of the door.

There’s more.

Last night a big group of us went to the Madison in Toronto to see the “piano man” – oh and he did not disappoint. It was a really fun night. Before the sing-a-long our friends told us that they had made us 90 – yes, NINE ZERO fabric sewn pockets. Each little envelope has a note or a message or a treat. I can’t even tell you how incredibly loved we feel. To know that people have taken the time to make sure we know that we’re loved and miss EACH day is grace at it’s best. We are so fortunate. And loved. We’re being sent off with such encouragement and excitement.

One of the co-op members bought Jussie and I this beautiful picnic basket and filled it with snacks for our road trip. Another neighbour just came up to give a hug and wish us safe travels.

I am so excited for this short three-month chapter of our lives. I am excited to drive to Prince George and to see the sights. I am excited to meet new people and work hard and eat well. I can’t wait to see the Rockies and celebrate a wedding in Jasper. The most beautiful thing is that I know that I have such an amazing community to come home to.

Here’s to a summer of love, community and thankfulness.


4 thoughts on “Here’s the thing

  1. enjoy every single minute, the sights, the Rockies, the small trees that some day will be big trees and know you are missed but I am envious too….travel…such an education…xoxo

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