2 more things–and trip photos!

1) One good thing about tree planting (and trust me, the good things can be few and far between) is that ALL I have to do is sleep, eat food made for me by lovely cooks and plant trees. Ahhem, a “to do” list if you will:

1. plant trees

2. eat

3. sleep.

That’s it! I think that’s a heck of a lot better than THIS to do list. 

2) ALSO- If you’re interested in hearing more about our road trip across the country, check out Jussie’s awesome blog post HERE. She’s been working on it for HOURS (while I ate through a crapy Jodi Picoult book, le sigh). She’s witty and totally captures the essence of the trip so far with her rad iphone photos.



2 thoughts on “2 more things–and trip photos!

  1. I’m glad you’re still blogging (at least until you start planting..) It’s great to hear where you guys are at! Praying for a great summer full of safety, health, experience and richness.
    xo Karmyn

    1. Hey Karmyn- looking forward to catching up with you when we’re back in August…I hope that you have a restful summer and hold down the fort for the gratuitous ladies!

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