Far from where I started

Hello from just outside of Edmonton Alberta! We’ve made it all the way here to Jussie’s sister’s beautiful lakeside home for a day of rest before we drive for one more day to Prince George.

The trip so far has been awesome. We successfully covered 6 U.S states with hand-written directions, no map and only a few turn-arounds. Our biggest blessing was getting into the U.S. at all. After waiting at the border for what felt like forever, I opened our passports to the photo page and realized that Jussie’s passport had expired in March. Uh-oh. We were only two cars away from the inspection and couldn’t turn around. We panicked momentarily and then handed the border guard our passports. As she looked at them, we could tell by the change in her facial expression that she realized that Jus’ was expired. So we told her that we had JUST realized it that it wasn’t current. She said, “I’m not worried about that, you said you’re planting trees in Chicago? Do you have any fruit?” –and just like that we were off, into Michigan. Thank goodness.

We went through 6 states…met Tom in Fargo, listened to countless hours of NPR talking about the murder of Bin Laden, sang along to Taylor Swift, Cee Lo Green and Rhianna more than I’d like to admit. We ate snacks in the car and peed in a million gas stations. We picked up Rob the passenger in Regina and here we are! Tonight we’ll have a big dinner and tomorrow we’re off to Prince George. Saturday, the hard work begins.

So far I have been reminded about the beauty and power of living in the moment, just one day at a time, one minute at a time and probably once the planting starts, one breath at a time. That’s the place where I’m most free to be present and really living, with eyes wide open. It’s where God is and it’s the best place to be.

We’ve been opening one envelope at a time from our dear friends and each day we have been reminded of how loved we are and how much time and effort they spent working so that we would know that truth. We told Rob the passenger about the homemade envelopes and he was floored…yes, we have amazing friends.

Matt is bringing my computer out with him on Monday, so I won’t be able to upload any pictures until later, but trust me…there are lots photos of the prairie skies, the trailer, the envelopes and a whole bunch of other things.

I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to update again, but thank you for reading along.

Sending lots of love from the land of Stephen Harper (shudder) and good ole’ Alberta beef.

Till the next time, peace.


4 thoughts on “Far from where I started

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging along this adventure – great to hear your stories & have a glimpse into your days … missing you both!

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