Hup Hup: The Maddy

Before we left for the wild west, we had a bit of a send-off  with (most of) our favourite people at the Madison in Toronto. It was a really fun night! Here are some of their shining faces.

ps- Matt’s here in PG and I am very happy. Today was had a short, but good day out on the block (where we plant trees). Tomorrow is a day off and then I don’t know what happens the next day-but then we move to our camp! Right now we’re staying in a skeezy motel (photos to come, I am sure) and while it’s fun (and we shower daily!) I’m really excited to get to camp and start living “typical” tree planting life.

pps- I really love the people in these photos…

ppps- The day we were at the Maddy, it was the Day of the Queen or something like that in the Netherlands. A big group of dutch lawyers-to-be were there and made sure that everyone had a dutch flag on their cheek, in case you’re wondering.

Hup hup Holland!


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