Channeling my inner Fleetwood Mac

Today was the last day planting the “woodlots” we’ve been working on for the last 5 planting days. I’ve never planted “woodlots” before-  it’s privately owned land generally by one person. The pieces of land are really small and we spent a lot of time planting in big groups (known as “cattle planting”), which isn’t that pleasant not because the people aren’t great but more because it means a lot of walking.  Tomorrow we’re moving to “camp” (read: big open space of land for tents, food tent, dry tent, outhouses, shower trailer, first aid trailer, and of course, our swanky trailer). We head out at 11am and will have a pre-work meeting at 2pm with the company that we’re working for for the next 4 weeks (or so).

I’m looking forward to getting to camp  and eating meals all together. We’ve had to feed ourselves this past week and it’s not convenient or enjoyable. I really appreciate coming back to camp after a long day to a really excellent dinner. As a guy on our crew said recently, “it’s all we have.” Now, no need to be THAT dramatic, but it is partly true. Everyone looks forward to dinner. A lot.

Today we planted at a new cut-block and Jus and I worked with another planter Adrienne on this crazy piece of land. It was pretty much a cliff…well, two cliffs. Not unsafe kind of cliff, but more like, it-feels-like-i-am-on-a-stair-master-all-day kinda cliff. Times two. Plus more when you consider how many times we had to walk over it.

A few interesting things happened. Firstly, it hailed, rained and the sun shined bright a few times. The way the weather changes here has yet to cease to amaze me. We planted beside snow drifts as it hailed and we sweat as it rained. It wasn’t particularly cold because we were warm from climbing the cliff all day. The spot we were at was pretty beautiful and we were planting spruce trees and they smelled delicious, like the essence of fresh.

Here’s where Fleetwood Mac comes in. We were planting in the back of our piece and we kept hearing weird sounds. It sounded either like there were hunters around us (um, scary) or that there was someone walking around in the back of our land. Suddenly, Adrienne said “look!” and pointed down into the gully part of our piece. I though that she was pointing some sort of wildlife or something but then I realized that the land beneath us was literally moving. Like, really moving. It was a landslide! Not a dangerous type of landslide but more just a shocking “the earth is moving slowly down our cliff” kind of landslide. It was very cool to see and a first for me.

We won’t have cell service as of tomorrow morning, but we’ll be back in town next Wednesday night/Thursday for our day off. We are supposed to have internet at camp so hopefully some keener will set up the satellite tomorrow and we’ll be good to go. Otherwise, expect to hear from me next week with tales of trailer decorating and longggg days of planting.

ps- do you know where landslides most likely don’t happen? The prairies. That’s where the photos above were taken.


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