Usual and Unusual

I must apologize for ONLY blogging about tree planting, but, let’s be honest- there isn’t too much else going on in my life right now. Although I am currently sitting in a laundromat in Prince George drinking coffee (which is really nice!)

This is my 4th season planting trees (gasp!) and I’ve been noticing that somethings are the same and some things are very different- or, in other words, somethings I have expected and other things have been totally a surprise.

Things that I expected:

1. Outhouses are nasty. Worse? Outhouses with the toilet seat LEFT UP. Gag. Enough said.

2. The people are wonderful. It’s been my experience in the past that one of the best parts of planting are the people who you meet and befriend. This year is no different. We have a really awesome crew of planters- and the rest of the camp is pretty great. There are people from all walks of life and nearly every province. It’s been really great getting to know people’s stories and learning about what they “do” in their non-planting life.

3. Pee. Yup, urination. I remember once in my rookie year peeing only ONCE in an entire day- as in, I peed in the morning and not again until the next day. Read: unhealthy. I’ve noticed on hot days I CHUG water and yet still pee maybe only twice a day. Insane and apparently dehydrated. Good thing I slogged through anatomy and physiology this past year so I know about the wonders of ADH and the kidneys.

4. The food, oh, the food. It’s so good. We’re eating well.

Things I didn’t expect:

1.  Splinters- there are these thorny red bush-type plants in the land that we’re planting and they have cut the heck out of my hands. My hands were feeling sore and achy and finally I realized that I have probably about 100 splinters in my hands. OUCH. Not fun- tweezers have become my obsession. I think I’m on the mend.

2. Gloves. In Ontario, planters seem to not wear gloves to work. Rather, they use duct tape over their fingers to protect them. However, as the point above notes, duct tape DOES NOT do it here. Nope. I’m a full on glove convert. I’ve already gone through two pairs.

3. I used to really, really dread planting. I’d wake up with dread and fall asleep with dread. Now, somehow- quite miraculously, I no longer dread. I don’t love the feeling of full bags, packed to the brim with trees. Nor do I love getting into stinky planting clothes at 6 am, but I no longer dread. I just plant trees and then eat dinner and sleep. It’s nice.

I am going to try to think about some other topics to blog about next time…thanks for reading along.


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