They say that variety is the spice of life..

If variety is indeed the spice of life, than my life is a little bit like plain rice. Lots of the same and then some more. Obviously this has impacted my blog postings, but I am happy to report that this week involved some different things!

First, it was my birthday on our “hump” day. It was as good of a day as a tree planting birthday could be. Jussie made me a “birthday hijab” which is essentially a tshirt that you tie around your head like a ninja to protect your ears, forehead and neck from the bugs. There was also candy involved and really, what good is a birthday without candy? Matt did my breakfast AND dinner dishes and filled my water jug and my crew planted me a box of trees, which was lovely. Deb and the gang put together a birthday envelope that included candles that appeared on a cake at dinner time. Two renditions of “happy birthday” occurred and I awkwardly smiled through both versions. It was a good day.

Last night we came into town for our night off (the past few weeks we’ve been staying at camp and driving in just for the day). We checked into the Connaught (a very seedy hotel that we stayed at for our first week here in May) and then headed out to the local club…the Generator, fondly known as “the Genny”. Walking into this club (and I say club lightly) it felt as though we walked through a time warp back at least ten years. There were a lot of cowboy hats and girls wearing shirts with slits cut in the back. A Nickleback-type band was playing (they were awful) and there were a lot of colourful locals. Regardless,  when the band took their breaks and the “real” music came on,  the dance floor was pretty fun. It was a good night of bonding for the crews in our camp and surprising to see people wearing non-treeplanting clothes. A few people were almost unrecognizable.

A real bed, shower and sleep-in later we had breakfast and did our laundry. A bunch of people went to see a movie and Jus and I went with a few others to see Bridesmaids. Holy moly did we ever laugh. We were still laughing after the movie was over in the washroom line- it’s hilarious and was the perfect way to spend a couple hours on a day off.

We had an extra crew of 17 people join our camp last week so it was packed in the dinning tent that we had to eat our meals in shifts. We’re getting 12 more people tonight to help us finish up our contract in BC so that we have time to get to Alberta. As of now it looks like we’ll have a grand total of 3 days off planting, which isn’t ideal but long enough to get a short rest and a visit to Edmonton to visit Jussie’s sister (and her beautiful house on the lake). Who knows though, with another crew we may be able to finish a day early and score an extra day off. We start planting in Alberta on June 24th- it’s hard to believe that we’re planning for the end of June already. Time is most certainly flying. I’m excited to think in a few short months I’ll be learning how to draw blood, give IVs and all of the cool other midwife stuff I’ve yet to learn. All good things. And even before that I can’t wait for August- while we love the friends we’ve met here, there really is no place like home and the people that make it so. We can’t wait to have time to spent with our dear friends and family. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, or perhaps it just makes the heart more aware of the fondness.

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