To Be Known

One of the very best things about being home is getting to spend LOTS of time with the people I love. Whether it’s runs, beers, games nights, random errands, late night ice cream, ultimate games, planning craft nights or breakfasts.

Today I had breakfast with Amanda and was reminded (once again) of how grateful I am. And while I could talk forever about how much I love Matt, my family, our lives, school, freedom, bunny rabbits, etc, I want to say how grateful I am for Amanda.


Thank you for encouraging me, challenging me, and loving me. I love our time together. I love laughing with you at “the bible store”. I love that we have worked through conflict and have grown closer because of it. I love that you’re honest with me. I love that I am honest with you Thank you for buying Ann today…I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for knowing me. Laughing with me. Thank you for letting me be my very real (and always imperfect) self. Our friendship isn’t perfect either, but we’re growing (together!) and I love it.



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