There has been a lot of chatter on the internet about “First World Problems” (I have an issue with the term “first world”, but I’ll save that rant for later). In fact, I don’t even really like the notion of “First  World Problems” at all.  It’s hard for me to articulate, but I find the concept offensive. I understand that it’s an attempt to poke fun at some of the “problems” that the privileged face, but for some reason while the whole notion recognizes the absurdity of many of the things we complain about, it also seems to be placate the problem. It’s like saying, “ya, we’re petty, what of it?!”

Phew, ok…so now I’ve talked myself in a circle trying to explain that I don’t even like the idea of classifying problems based on global “development”. The ENTIRE point of that rant was basically to tell you that today (and that last few days) I’ve been grappling with a privilege problem:

Our house rental in North Carolina starts tomorrow. Now, anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has heard about Irene, the hurricane that’s threatening to do a LOT of damage.

And ruin our vacation.

Potential loss of life, livelihood and home?

Loss of a weeks’ vacation?

Not the same.

Sigh. I’m praying this hurricane is being completely overblown on CNN. Let’s be honest, the U.S doesn’t want another Katrina. They are prepared this time. I’m hoping the storm is going pass peacefully and that no one is going to be hurt and that there won’t be any damage.

So for now we ‘re just waiting until tomorrow morning to see what happens. Irene, please head back out to sea and die a quiet death.


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