Coming up for air

Phew. What a crazy two weeks. I’m sorry the blog has been so boring quiet lately. I’ve been in a whirlwind of midterms followed by a weekend of neonatal resuscitation. It doesn’t look like there is an end in sight until Christmas. I like busy but I also like a day here and there to do absolutely nothing productive.

Here’s some fun things that I have been doing amidst the chaos:

-Celebrating Kim and Tali’s birthdays

-Dinner with great friends in Kitchener

– Wednesday night dinners

-Swimming and sauna-ing with school friends

-hosted a second book club gathering

-enjoyed a “whole” weekend in a friday night with Amanda

-spent time with our Tuesday “Living Room” group from church

-crafted robots for a Halloween in the Park Party with the Eucharist crew

-celebrate my step mom’s 50th birthday, Luke’s birthday AND Krista and Luke’s engagement!

-ran with Deb and Ollie

-saw 3 babies born!

and so on and so on…

We’ve also have a LOT of fun stuff to look forward to in November including:

– a wedding shower for Matt’s sister

-the actual wedding!

-a weekend away at Blue Mountain

-a half marathon

-a birthday party for our friend and planting foreman

and many more good things!

And now…off to learn about how the placenta is made. Wee!

image source

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