Half Marathon

I ran a half marathon this weekend with my friends Deb and Ollie. I’m happy to report that it went well and I squeaked in JUST under my goal time 1:59:25. I wish I could say that I was adequately trained and prepared but in truth, I didn’t run at ALL for a full 16 days before the race. Shame. I knew I could run the distance, but I wish I had trained 100%. It was a really great day for a long run though and I am really glad  I ran.

Thanks to Matt for being our chauffeur, photographer, carrier of all things and cupcake provider. And thanks to my friend Annalee for mailing (!) me the headband that I am wearing. Thoughtful, eh? And how awesome is getting fun mail?!


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon

  1. Awesome time, especially for not training in the two weeks leading up to the race. I trained for months for my last half, and also barely made the 2:00 goal! I also love getting things in the mail, especially if it’s a cute headband!

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