Christmas Music Free Downloads

I used to really loathe Christmas music. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are still some songs that I don’t particularly love (read: little drummer boy- although that was before my friend Krista shared the Justin Bieber/Busta Rhymes version)

Maybe because exams fall at the holiday season and I spend waaaaaay too much time sitting and studying, I find Christmas music helps.

I found some pretty great FREE downloads of around the web.

Here they are for your enjoyment!

Attwater Christmas (a littttttle bit country, but very pretty)

Winter is Blue: A Mix Tape from Andrew and Carissa (loveeeee this one!)

Hey It’s Christmas Vol. 2 (sweet little mix)

This is the message from our Church  (there’s loads of Eucharist music to be heard if you’re interested) last week but the very beginning is the super wonderful choir singing one song and at the end is the beautiful singing by my friend Allison (and Julia) and they have such lovely voices.



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