Simplify 4: Eat Well

I’ve resurfaced! Hello! I’m back from what seemed like the loooongest exam period of all time. Ever. Ha. But I am alive and I made it out the other side!

Thank goodness.

I could write a whole post on why exam stress is in it’s own awful category, but I won’t because it would be depressing and from now on I’ll only ever have ONE exam at a time. Brilliance.

That brings me to my weekly simplify post. I mention exams because in the past I’ve been so busy that I’ve lived off of toast. Not this year friends. After 28 years on earth, I’ve finally figured out how to eat well during exams (note: it also helps that Matt has been off school for more than 2 weeks so he’s been able to cook and grocery shop).

I really, really like cooking. Baking? Not so much. But I love to cook. I also enjoy the hunt fo new recipes. Both Matt and I eat meat, but we rarely cook it at home. We haven’t eaten any meat this week and we’ve had lots of good meals.

I want to talk specifically about meal planning. I wrote about this shortly after we got married and I think it’s still relevant.

Here is how I think planning meals helps to simplify your life:

1. If I know I have a good meal planned, we’re WAY less likely to eat out (which costs money AND isn’t generally too healthy.

2. It saves time! We grocery shop once a week. I LOVE this. I’m not a giant fan of grocery shopping in general and if we don’t plan what we’re going to eat than we tend to end up having to make a few trips few out the week= annoying.

3. You waste WAY less food- at least we do. When we don’t plan what we’re going to be eating we not only eat out more, but we seem to have a LOT more rotting food in our fridge. I hattttte when food goes bad because it’s wasteful but also because both Matt and I really loathe cleaning out the fridge. Mould? So gross!

4. Eating together is important! I think this blogger says it well...

I usually find recipes from hand-me-down magazines from my mom (or the Food and Drink magazine from the LCBO, which is free!) or the internet.

Here’s what we’ve had for dinner so far this week:


Protein Power Goddess Bowls from Angela at Oh She Glows  (photo via OGS as well)

I love this recipe because it’s simple, delicious, vegetarian and VERY healthy. I love lentils too!


Chipotle Butternut Squash Black Bean Burrito Bowls (image by Closet Cooking)

This is one of Matt’s favourites! Also very easy and healthy!


The Perfect Veggie Burger (another amazing Oh She Glows recipe -photo also via OGS)

These were quick and tasty and full of nuts and oats. So good!

I’ve bookmarked/pinned quite a few other recipes if you’re interested!

Bon Appetit!

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4 thoughts on “Simplify 4: Eat Well

  1. THANK YOU for this post… I am always on the lookout for delicious meat-free recipes! The butternut squash recipes sounds great and I will probably try it next week!

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