In Between

I have been enjoying theses past few days of downtime so much. Sometimes I’m not so good at waiting of in-between time (for Christmas, for placement, for going on call, for school to start up again, for snow, etc) but this holidays, I am taking the advice of some wise third year midwifery students who, when asked to share what they wished they’d done before their placement started, said, “rest, spend time with family and enjoy every second of i.”

And I am enjoying it all.

Yesterday, I felt productive by filling out some forms for school, making a couple of appointments and getting my hair cut. I also wrapped all of the stocking gifts for my mom (generally I do ALL of the wrapping I have on Christmas eve).

Matt and I went to hot yoga together, knocking out a workout and a date in one sweaty swift blow.

We ate chickpeas, kale and zucchini for dinner.

We worked on some Christmas projects.

We watched the movie Drive (which was very, very, bizarre).

Today involves running, cooking, Christmas baking for today’s date (we’re going to make these white chocolate ginger cookies), a potluck with our friends from church and maybe a little more work on our Christmas projects!

Also, I was listening to shuffle on my ipod a couple days ago and TWO songs came on that made references to have eyes wide open. I need that reminder during the holidays to be fully present, to look-with eyes wide open- for all of the goodness out there. It can be hard to look beyond the consumerism, the to-do lists and the preparing but it’s a must if I want to see the real magic of the season. My hope is that you too have wide eyes for seeing the real beauty and joy of the season.


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