2011 in (my) photos

Let’s start off with New Year’s Eve…or perhaps New Year’s Day. Hard to know. What I do know was that as per usual, the women whooped some ass at flip cup. Again. Bring on NYE 2012.

The we celebrated Aaron’s birthday…at ikea.

We spent a really wonderful weekend with our dear friend Joel in Huntsville.

We spent time with my brother Evan before he went back to school in Australia.

We went up north in February for a weekend at the Veit’s cottage.

Matt gave me a beautiful scarf for Valentine’s day.

Maja hosted a house show and Jussie and the Monster Show played.

I finished my first year of midwifery school and made some really wonderful friends.

As we prepared to head out  west to plant trees our friends gave us a great farewell and 90 envelopes to help us feel connected to home while we were gone.

Then Jussie and I drove west all the way to Prince George B.C

And then we planted a LOT of trees and slept in a trailer and a tent by a river and a gorgeous lake. What an adventure!

Then we came home and spent a whole glorious month catching up with friends and family. We went to Ottawa with Deb and Ollie to watch Matt and Ollie play in the National Ultimate tournament.

We vacationed in South Carolina. And finally got to meet Evan’s girlfriend, Kassie.

We hiked at Thanksgiving, as per tradition.

I ran a half marathon.

Matt’s sister Megan married David in November.

Phew. That was a lot of pictures. Later this week I’ll be posting some of my favourite unpictured memories from this year. If you made it through all of those photos, you deserve a reward for your diligence. Well done.

2011 was a great year. After all of those photos, that’s all have to say about that.

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