Simplify 6: Practice Minimalism

Hello! Sorry once again for the radio silence. I started my placement on January 3rd and it has probably been the busiest week of my life! I’ve seen 4.5 births (and caught 2 babies!) I’ve done SO so so many things that I haven’t done before and have barely had a minute to sleep, let alone blog.

This Simplify post is well over due, but I hope you find it remotely helpful.

I wanted to call this post “Get Rid of Stuff” but I read a friend from tree planting’s blog yesterday and she led me to another neat blog ( hello, internet timehole…) where minimalism is defined as owning less than 100 things! While living with only 100 things seems “radical” they write about their 21 day journey into minimalism and I found it to be quite real and rather inspiring.

Tara and her handy husband are going to live in a yurt…which is extraordinarily cool. Yurts are small and don’t have a lot of storage space. But do you know what else is small and doesn’t have a lot of storage space? Our apartment.

Matt teases me about being a bit of a pack rat, but like any teasing there is a bit of truth to that sentiment. Especially after the holidays, it’s been important for us to take a big trip to our local thrift store to donate items we know longer use.

*tip: I read some where that you should turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards. As you wear your clothes, turn the hangers the “proper” way. After a year, donate the clothes on the hangers that you haven’t turned around (because you haven’t worn them in a full year).

Our rule is when something new comes in, something we no longer use goes out. This helps us feel sane in our wee apartment and ensures that when we one day move, it won’t be the move from hell. Also, it keeps us accountable to our desire to not be consumed by consumerism. And reminds me especially that I want to be beautiful (from the inside) instead of buying beautiful.

So, maybe this week consider downsizing in a way that feels right to you. There is something really freeing about being able to let go of stuff that somehow seems to have a hold on us.

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2 thoughts on “Simplify 6: Practice Minimalism

  1. Yay Catching Babies!!!
    I love “the purge!” Nay and I do it once a season. Spring. Winter. Fall. Summer.

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