Look How They Shine For You

Last night I had the chance to be a part of something really beautiful. One of my dear friends hosted a little party for another friend. Here’s how it worked. My friend the Host set up a facebook event and asked everyone to come to her house last night for an evening called “Say Good Things” for Our Friend. The idea came from time spent with her Grandmother, whose best friend had just passed away. They got to talking about the idea that it’s sad that funerals are the place that we celebrate someone’s life and share good stories and how much they mean to us. Why do we wait to tell people how much we love them until after they are gone?

So, it was a surprise event. She had all of the guests send a word ahead of time that best described the guest of honour. Then she made a beautiful piece of art that incorporated everyone’s word.

She decordated her house with all of the Guest of Honour’s favourite things. She asked a talented friend to design some beautiful flower arrangements and had little bowls of the Guest of Honour’s favourite things (mike and ikes, cupcakes, mini eggs, tea, etc).

It was really fun surprising the Guest of Honour. It felt really special (and almost Holy) to get to be a part of celebrating someone on a day that wasn’t their wedding or funeral. And our friend was absolutely blown away. She was shocked and grateful and it was so beautiful.

Then, we each got to take some time to explain why we’d chosen our word to bless the Guest of Honour. My word for her was  “bloom” (which is totally cheesy, I know). I chose the word because she has this amazing ability to bring out the very best in other people. People come alive in her presence. She builds confidence, reflects beauty and just pours into those around her. She not only makes the world a better place, but she makes everyone she comes in contact with want to make the world a better place too. That’s a whole lot of goodness going on there. I loved hearing each story shared by each woman. There were a lot of happy tears.

The best part (or one of the best parts) was that there were three women then that either were our mom’s or are our mom’s age. I felt really lucky to be able to be a part of this inter-generational moment and to get to learn from these incredible women.

I left the party feeling so built up, feeling so encouraged. There is something to be said about celebrating someone just because. For encouraging her because she spends her days encouraging others. Putting her in the spotlight she so deserves to be in.

The evening reminded me of the privileged life I lead…the beautiful, strong and inspiring women that I get to “do life” with. This community that I’ve stumbled into is wonderfully and fearfully made.

If you take anything from this post, let this be it: encourage someone today. Tell them that you love them and tell them all of the reasons that they make your life better. Life is short and we are weary souls and we need to be reminded of how loved we are.


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