Still Here…

via this great blog.

Sorry for the prolonged blog silence! It’s been an absolute crazy couple of weeks and blogging has totally slipped off my radar. Like I said, lots of stuff going on working lots, paper writing, some personal stuff. Lots of life happening over here. The good and the difficult.

But it is well.

I’ve had a quiet weekend. Almost ALL of my friends, including Matt, are away for the weekend…either up North or in NYC. Staying home has left me with mixed feelings, but I had a paper to write (alllllllmost done now!) and a birth to go to. I’ve been productive and not too lonely thanks to Jussie being home downstairs and some good church stuff to attend, like a delicious brunch on Sunday am. I also got to pop into my Mom’s place for an hour or so yesterday and that was really nice.

I wanted to check in briefly and share (of course) what I’ve been listening to. I’m crazy about this song. Also, check out a cool video of Josh here.

Matt comes home today and I’m so glad to have my housemate home! The apartment is too quiet without him here.

Happy family day!


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