This has been such a nice weekend. Time off call, a breakfast with out-of-town friends I haven’t seen in a while, helping a new friend get his house market ready, seeing my family for my brother’s birthday and today…a sunny, relaxing morning and later, church.

This weekend has felt a bit like a natural “reset” button. I had my midterm on Friday and got to spend some time afterward catching up with my school friends. My preceptor is on vacation for the next month so I switch to my other preceptor starting tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that my placement is half over and almost harder to believe that in 8 short weeks my program will  be half over. And as much as I am enjoying it all, it feels so good to make progress, to press on and maybe most importantly this weekend, just to press pause.

Life is full and good and I feel ready to head back into my placement, refreshed after 4 days off.

Evan and Kassie are coming to stay with the critters at my mom’s place for a few days and it will be nice for Matt and I to get back to our own space for a couple of days. Nothing makes you  appreciate what you have more than being away from it. So, back to the co-op we go!

Happy Sunday Everyone.



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