1096 days is a lot of days and at the very same time, not a lot of days at all. 1096 is the number of days that “wife” and “Penman” have been added to my list of identities.

Our wedding seems like it was yesterday and it seems like it was a million years ago.

This year I have learned more about what it means to be tied to someone; to you. I’ve learned what partnership looks like. I’ve learned that it’s possible to run in all of the directions of our dreams and how we can only do this because we know where home is. And my home is with you.

I love you more on day 1096 than I did on day 1. Thank you for choosing me then and for choosing me every day that has followed since. You are my best friend. Love isn’t a strong enough word.

Here’s to a million more days together,


Our honeymoon

We’re family


Our First Anniversary

1st Anniversary Road Trip

2nd Anniversary


3 thoughts on “1096

  1. my love to you both…you inspire me, you make me proud and I love you both around the world and back again….here’s to 50 more years…xoxo dmom

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