…blue with white trim

So, the kitchen paint of 2012 is completed. Man on man, is painting a lot of work….and we have a SMALL kitchen. I started by clearing everything out on Friday afternoon and cleaning everything off. Let me tell you, the whole cleaning part was LONG overdue. (I think I need to wash the walls more often).

I spent 90 minutes in home depot agonizing over what colour to paint. Matt and I had already been once to check out colours and had a rough idea of what we were looking for. But alas, I spent 90 minutes humming and hawing over paint chips. Those of you who know me well know that I am notoriously indecisive over minutiae. It’s a sad, sad fate.

I came home 50% convinced I’d like what I had chosen and Matt and I put one coat on the wall. Thankfully, neither of us hated it. My mom came over on Saturday and we worked for a few more hours. And then a few MORE hours on Sunday afternoon. And then a few more hours late Sunday night when Matt and I dragged our kitchen contents out of the living room and restored them to their rightful place.

Here’s what I learned: Do things that you might have been avoiding doing because today is all you have (although maybe don’t get all YOLO on that and live hedonistically..) Doing tedious things can be bearable and even fun with people that you love. Procrastination sucks ( We could have had a cozy kitchen THREE YEARS ago). Breathe, breathe, Breathe.

Painting talk is over.

On to more important matters.

Read this post (if you’d like). It spoke volumes to me and reminded me not to confuse critical thinking with a critical spirit (something that I struggle with). I love, love Sarah Bessey’s blog and the author is writing about about Christianity and feminism and I really can’t wait to read it.


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