Behind the Blog


I’m Cait. I started this little blog a lifetime ago and it’s since lain idle for about 4 years . I would think about this virtual space now and again, remembering it fondly and sometimes wishing that I had a place to write down my thoughts in a space that felt different than other forms of social media. Perhaps because this little blog¬†exists in near obscurity, it feels more cozy and less intrusive.

Since I last wrote I’ve become a midwife, bought a house with my partner, and had a baby. As I was deleting the previous “about me” section, it struck me how many of the things that I said about myself remain true– I still love the outdoors, reading, and CBC radio. I love meals shared with friends and I’m still enamoured with Jesus and His upside down kingdom. I still love the idea of simple living and I’m also still trying to figure out how to translate ideas into action.


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